Gentle Yoga:

7 Practices for your Day

The many poses included in these 7 completely different practices are effective, yet gentle and easy enough for beginners.   Designed to fit easily into your day, you can do just one practice, or combine several for a longer practice.   All poses are taught with careful attention to safe effective alignment, with clear easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrations.

Lying Practice (34 min.)    A relaxing full-body practice all done lying on your back or side.   Some poses are done in coordination with the breath to help you relax.   Perfect anytime you want an effective, yet easy and relaxing complete yoga practice.

Morning Energy (18 min.)   Easy standing full-body movements to awaken and energize your whole body and mind.   Requiring no props, this is a perfect practice to start your day before work.

Relief from Desk & Computer Work (19 min.)   Poses to relieve stiffness & tension, and to help correct postural imbalances created from doing desk and computer work.   These standing and chair-seated poses may be done at your desk in regular work clothes.

Improving Balance (22 min)  Poses to improve balance, and to strengthen the feet, ankles, legs and hips.  

Core Strength & Flexibility (34 min.)   Floor work to strengthen muscles all throughout the core, and to create a more supple back and hips.

Standing Poses (23 min.) Standing poses develop strength & flexibility, especially in the legs and hips, as well as grace and confidence.    Includes basic traditional poses as well as a flowing sequence of poses.

Evening Practice (29 min.)  Gentle inversions, neck & shoulder stretches, forward bends, and lying poses to unwind, release tension, and help you relax.    Designed to be used before bedtime, but can be used anytime to help you relax.

Deep Relaxation (8 min.)   A wonderful guided relaxation, done lying on your back. 

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Stronger Standing Yoga Balance

Good balance is essential for yogis, athletes, and everyone wanting to remain active as they get older.   The practices on this unique DVD will increase your understanding of balance, strengthen all the muscles of balance, give you more flexible and responsive feet, sharpen your focus and concentration, and progressively challenge and improve your balance.  

Practices included on this DVD:

* Introduction & Understanding Balance - 10 min.

* Awakening the Muscles of Balance - 19 min.

* Balance Exercises - 14 min.

* Standing Poses - 9 min.

* Casual & Freeform balancing - 3 min.

* Yoga Balances, Level one - 17 min.

* Yoga Balances, Level two - 27 min.

* Yoga Balances, Level three - 12 min.

* Relaxation - 6

Yoga for Seniors (2nd edition):  

3 Complete Practices for

Different Levels of Ability

The choice of 3 different levels allows you to find the perfect yoga practice for your needs and abilities, that is not too hard, and not too easy.   All 3 practices emphasize good posture, full deep breathing and end with a short relaxation and simple meditation for a more alert body & mind.   

Level 1 (26 minutes)  This practice, all done seated in a chair, emphasizes posture and gentle range of motion exercises to keep the joints supple and healthy, and stretch and strengthen muscles.    All movements are safe, simple, and easy to follow and work the body as completely as possible while sitting in a chair.  

Level 2 (40 minutes)  This practice alternates sitting in a chair, with standing alongside and holding onto a chair for stability.   Level 2 works on developing strength & flexibility evenly throughout the body, and includes many easy movements to improve balance and increase foot, ankle and leg strength.  

Level 3 (55 minutes)  Level 3 also alternates sitting in a chair with standing, but is an overall stronger and longer practice than Level 2.  More time is spent on the standing poses and more challenging options are offered for the balances.  Level 3 is broken down into the following 6 shorter segments, to give you further choice if you don't have time or energy for the full 55 minutes:

  • Standing Full-body Warm-ups (6 minutes)  
  • Seated Core Work & Foot Warm-ups (5 minutes)
  • Standing Balances (13 minutes)
  • Seated Upper Body Work (5 minutes)
  • Standing Poses for Strong Flexible legs and hips (13 minutes)
  • Seated Finishing Poses & Relaxation (8 minutes)

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Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams (1st edition)

Yoga for Seniors is a safe, gentle yoga practice designed for seniors over 70, that will:

   * Strengthen the entire body

   * Improve Balance

   * Increase range of motion, flexibility and joint health

   * Improve posture, breathing, and overall wellness

This DVD has two 35 minute sections:  - A live class filmed at the Buffalo Hills Terrace Assisted Living Facility with seniors ranging in age from 73 - 92, and an instructor only version.  

Both sections teach the same 40 safe, easy to follow movements.   All movements are done either sitting on a chair, or standing alongside a chair.  All balances are done holding onto a chair for stability.   

The yoga practice on this DVD teaches the same poses as "level 2" included in the newer version of Yoga for Seniors, featured above.  While you do not get levels 1 and 3 on this DVD, you do get to watch a live class.   Also this DVD was recorded live, which some people prefer more than voice-over.

Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams: A complete beginning yoga practice for mid-life.

This DVD has 4 practices, all recorded live (not voice over) and filmed in my home yoga studio. 

Lying Warm-ups, 20 minutes:  Perfect for early morning when you're stiff or evening to help you unwind.   All poses are done lying on your back.   Many movements are done in coordination with the breath to encourage full deep breathing and help you relax.

Balancing & Standing Poses, 33 minutes:  Includes 9 movements to strengthen the muscles and sense of balance, 2 traditional yoga balances, a slow moving sequence of poses, and 4 traditional yoga standing poses.

Upper body, 13 minutes:   Movements for the torso, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands to relieve tension in the shoulders and upper back, and increase upper body strength and range of motion.  

Torso and leg strength & flexibility, 20 minutes:  These poses are all done on the floor.   Includes a variety of poses to strengthen the core muscles and move the spine in all directions to keep it supple and healthy, and forward bends to stretch the legs and hips and quiet the mind.

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